Sunday, 24 November 2013

Something new

I decided to try a new spot last night. I had not seen the spot totally at low but new the rock system went out quite a way and i was hoping i could get all the way out. unfortunatly i only got halfway and new i would get stuck out there if i fished to long so i moved closer in to a large rock with plenty of kelp.

I thew in some pilchard and soon had a small kahawai and snapper. Seems to work really well throw in piece and then casting past it and retrive through area that the piece of pilchard was thrown into. I was using a hot pink clouser as water was a bit murky

I ran out of pilchard but the sun disappeared behind the clouds and i switched to a flashier polar flash clouser and caught another couple of snapper both on the pause. one i had thrown in and waited about 30 seconds with no pause and it was fish on.

It certainly worked having bright fly when water was less than clear and flashier fly when sun went down. I had used the flashy fly in bright sunlight and had nothing.

Also i had stopped retrieve so much so that the fly sunk to deeper level and caught more on stationary fly. so I was initially pull 3 strips to get in contact with the fly then waiting 30 seconds then strip 5 times then waiting 10-15 seconds then retrieve again. in between i was slowly drawing line to keep contact as current was creating slack.

I will post some pictures on some of the flies i was using in the flies tab of this blog.

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