Sunday, 3 November 2013

Orewa 8/10/13

My first time fishing here but since it was October my thought was there would be plenty of kahawai chasing whitebait. i started at bridge and worked my way down to the where it meets the sea and back up to the bridge. i had started at 10am and high tide was 12pm. I left at 2pm fishless but came back with a few ideas on the next trip there. 1st would be some much smaller flies more imitating the size of whitebait. I would think something more around the sz8-10 might be more the size of a whitebait. 2nd would be to maybe look at the other side of the estuary down to the sea and up round the rocks especially along the edges which is where whitebait would tend to congregate on the outgoing tide. according to one local the outgoing tide is the best and especially at night.

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