Sunday, 3 November 2013

Meola 26/10/13

This was a good place to start for newbies and certainly been the best place for me to get started. i caught plenty of small snapper last year and i am keen to repeat it this year. Trying to get out early so that i have enough time before the sun disappears has been fun as normally i would go at 7pm when my son goes to bed but with the sun going down around 8pm trying to get out of the house at 6pm is still a bit of a mission.

Low tide was at 8.20pm and i got out there close to 6.30pm. i threw in some pilchard and fished my way round till i got a 20cm snapper at around 7.30pm. unfortunately this was my only fish but it does show that the snapper are now coming into the harbour. at this stage there are probably only small numbers but this should become more over the next month. I caught the fish on a craft fur clouser which has some great movement in the water but doesn't last too long on fish teeth so might have to go back to the drawing board a bit to make them a bit more durable. i have just had a package of mirror image arrive that is great for making clouser flies but doesn't quite have the movement of craft fur.

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