Sunday, 3 November 2013

Pt Chev 3/11/13

this was an interesting night but a bit of a disaster. I had have been here before but not on full of tide as there is a bit of wading involved and i was wet wading. i was unsure on how deep this was going to be. I went out at 6pm and high was 8pm. the water was just about up to my waist before i got to the shell banks and where it was knee deep although i didn't make it all the way to the tip where I would have had to do some waist high wading to get too.

After about an hours fishing and no fish I didn't want to risk any further for fear of getting totally soaked and i was already getting cold. the water was not too bad but my body doesn't handle the cold for too long anymore.  on the way back it was waist high and i wouldn't have wanted to risk it any longer.

I think to fish here the best would be to go out about 3hrs before high and stay there till 3hrs after high so you would need about 6hrs in total. the other option to be to use a paddle board and anchor it at shell banks and then paddle back. my preference would be for the second option but then that means getting a board. i think i will need to add it to the list.

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