Monday, 11 November 2013

Meola early season

I went out to meet a couple of the guys fishing out here. Being a Friday it was a bit of a mission trying to get out of the house as i had to get home then feed my boy. Then as i got there some random guy was interested in my set-up so i yacked for quite a while so by the time i got out it was near on 7pm. I got to catch up with the guys and have a bit of a yak before i headed further round the reef. I was trying some new craft fur clousers and they had some great action in the water but no takes so i switched to the old favourite polar flash clouser and threw some pilchard chunks in at the top of the causeway. interesting enough there was a clear current line and edge to it. so i stood at top end of it where i had thrown the pilchard and swung my fly round and a up it to be rewarded with a nice 45cm kahawai.

I did the same again but sung the fly round and held it in the current to be nailed again by a 25cm kahawai. it seems always the same time i get hooked up just when the sun has disappeared.

I headed back and realised that i had miss timed the tide and it was past the max i would normally head back and i had no choice but to just gun it through the channels. The water was going up and over my thigh waders making it hard to move. i had to take the waders off and empty them every channel i went through which was three but it never went over my waist otherwise i could have been in real trouble. i think i will take some sandles with me next time just in case.

I think its time to start looking further afield for some new spots.

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