Sunday, 3 November 2013

CornWallis 10/10/13

This spot is well known for large kahawai and kingfish but most fish off the wharf as this is the easiest place to be for bait fisherman but this does not work for a saltwater fly-finger so i decided to head round the rocks. i have been here before and seen kahawai round this area and also seen work ups in the middle of the bay on a low tide first thing in morning so i know it can fire off. Low tide was at 8.45am and i got there at 10.30am. I managed to walk right round to the point where the current was pumping and i am sure that a few fish could be caught with a bit o pilchard but alas i didn't  have any so after a good mornings flogging the water i went home fishless again. I even tried the popper which had some great action in the water but no response.

Sometimes i think it takes a little perseverance on spot to really know how it fishes and the best tides/times etc. to fish it. i think i may go back to the low tide first thing in morning and see how i go with a bit of pilchard. there are certainly plenty of baitfish around

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