Sunday, 1 December 2013

Salt fishing club day

On arriving at 7am we headed down to the most beautiful little bay with the sun steaming over the hill to ripple over the water.
we headed round the northern part of the bay to where some small kahawai were jumping around and fished our way round the rocks. The water was crystal clear but no sign of any weed structure and no sign of any fish.
Further round there was some great ledges and better weed beds but still no fish. I dropped some pilchard in to see what would come up but nothing. Further round again and there was a definite drop off where the weed finished but was too far to cast but certainly looked fishy(At low this became castable).

By the time we reached the point the wind was starting to whip round and make casting difficult. I threw in some more pilchard and within another 20 minutes i started strip faster and a group of kahawai started busting it up trying to get my fly. I managed to catch one small kahawai before they moved off and were not seen again.

Besides the Kahawai i also managed to catch some fishing line and find an old fishing reel

We headed back to the car park and had an afternoon BBQ and some general fishing chatter.

One of the guys metioned that fishing from shore for snapper is generally better on incomeing tide as they are more active right up to the top of the tide whereas on falling tide they drop back to their holes so you can still cath them but you need to focus your casting into the right places and get it right in front of them as they will come out to grab your fly and head back to their hole.

I also managed to get a few ideas on some new flies including some interceptors and shrimps.

Even though it was a slow day. i quite enjoyed and learned a few things along the way.

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