Saturday, 14 December 2013

Auckland Flats fishing

went out at high tide to a spot that i had fished plenty of times before but had not had much luck. I went there this time with some of the guys from the fishing club. I now know the easy way to get across to where to fish.
I managed to get one small kahawai on the mirror image interceptor pink and noticed there were loads of kahawai following my fly when i retrieved so i switched to a crease fly and had a great time catching 20cm kahawai. got 5 in total before switching to polar flash clouser and got another 5 on a fast retrieve.

one of the other guys managed a couple of snapper and something really large that managed to bust him off.

interesting i think what is possible from this spot.

i think from this experience what i have learned is that it is best to fish a couple of spots continuously until you know them really well and know how to fish than fish different spots all the time and never really get to know how it fishes. i now have 3 good spots that i now know like this.

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