Sunday, 5 January 2014


I had the opportunity to got to Whangamata for new years and was keen to have a go salt water fly in the estuary. i had not been here since i was a kid and had no idea about the area and how to fish it. As we were staying with friends that didn't have kids we decided that we would get out of the house early each morning to hang out at the estuary have breakfast and entertain our 14 month old son.
The mornings were the best part of the day and the beach was stunning first thing as the sun came up.

I fished my way to the mouth and found the kahawai were sitting in the wash and were keen to have a go at my fly. I managed to get 10 kahawai on the first day and 4 on the second. some small kids were interested in what i was doing and got all excited when they were able to touch a small kahawai that i had caught.

For anyone wanting to go to Whangamata and fish the area here is a quick low down on what i found while i was there.

1. There is a pippy bed right in the middle were the boy is if you can cast as close to it as possible.
2. On the incoming tide there is a current line that carries on past the tip of the sand point in picture that holds fish but this changes when tide starts going out.
3. the was at the mouth has fish sitting just behind it.
4.i saw some fish jumping right on the far side so if you can manage to get across there you could fish all round the rocks to the point
5. i didn't manage to fish in the surf at the mouth but i am sure kahwai would be there cruising along picking food out of the surf.
6. i have had read that the harbour inlet at the northern part of Whangamata is good but will have to try this next time.

Even though i only had a small amount of time to fish this and learn as much as i can much more time is required to fully learn the whole area and the best spots.

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