Sunday, 12 January 2014

Snapper Taps

Well last saturday nights fishing was interesting. i have been getting into leaving my fly to settle more in between retrieves and keeping the retrieve to a few small strips and found that i have been getting strikes while the fly is stationary but i have also had a few where i felt the fish on so i struck and nothing.

One thing that i have a bad habbit of is the old trout strike where i lift the rod up and pull the line. When there is nothing on you then have a situation where you have taken the fly out of the zone and away from the fish. on making some enquiries on the saltwater blog there is a consensus that leaving the fly in the zone and then a small twitch will bring the fish back on the fly again and what i am feeling is the fish nipping at the tail.

Thus the best thing I can do is not to strike and let the fish take the fly on its own and once this has happened strike by pointing the rod at the fish and pulling on the line. if the fish doesn't take off wait and after few seconds give the fly a small twitch.

sounds easy but years of trout strike in competitions gives you a gut reaction to movement on the line and it may take a while to wean me off this.

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