Sunday, 23 March 2014


well I finally managed to land my first snapper in the middle of the day. all my fish so far have been in the dusk part of the day as this seemed to be when the fish go on the feed but on Friday I was out fishing around 9am and managed to get busted off on one fish then landed another snapper of about 32cm.

one of the issues with going for a days fishing is keeping it fresh until the time you get home. i managed to go buy some salted ice which you can only buy in large bags.(bit overkill for one fish) i am thinking maybe i will have to start making my own salted ice and take it with me.

also of  note that i changed up the weight of my fly and after these two hits in this spot i got nothing more. part of it i think is that when you catch a couple of fish it puts the others down much the same as fresh water fishing so either you need to get the fly closer to where the fish are or rest the area up a bit before trying again. this may not be possible if the area you have is only a small stretch.

I had some visitors while I was there including one stingray and one bronze whaler shark. it gave me a heck of a fright as I had just jumped off a rock into water thigh high and it came swirling around only 2metres from me and then took off.

I am now starting to build up some good spots and I would now like to explore some more of this area so that I can move around a bit more and keep fishing fresh water

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