Tuesday, 10 December 2013

New Spot 2

i thought i would head out to my new low tide spot. on getting there the tide was right on low and the best is a few hours after low so i moved round the rocks and tried up to another point that looked like it had potential but to get to the furthest part of the rock you needed to get along a channel and the only way is along a pipe so getting back is a bit dodgy if the water levl gets too high.
anyway i headed back to my spot and found the water level a little higher than i liked and i only had 20min till i needed to head back through the water that starts building round the other side of the rock. after catching nothing i figured that i was retrieving too fast because i was trying to cover the water to quick.

i headed down the southern end of the beach and there was some interesting current where two currents met creating a very strong current that i was able to cast into and swing my fly around in. i threw in some pilchard but still nothing. I left at 8.45pm which is usually the best time but today there was nothing. the southern end of the beach is a bit barren and i think the northern side is the best but would be good to get a water craft of some sort to get to the furthest rocks

this spot may be better in January when the snapper come inshore in larger numbers.

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