Monday, 18 January 2016

The one that didnt get away

Having had a late night the night before I was tossing up as to whether to head out for some fishing. I wanted to check out a spot on the Manukau Harbour that was tide dependent and it would be another 2 weeks till I had another chance to have a look.
The wind has been dying off way to late this year and conditions looked good so I headed out.
Conditions were great but I couldn’t get round to where I wanted but managed to get a good rock ledge.
I threw in a few pilchard chunks and got to fishing stripping hard to see if there were any kahawai then slowing it down. I changed flies to new untested fly and had a few snapper in the bag. They were undersized so threw them back. Then something big hit. As I was fishing for snapper that’s what I thought it was but after the first good run into the backing I thought maybe it was a kahawai. But I was struggling to get it back under control. Every time I got some line in it would be back out again. Finally I started gaining some ground and then I saw a flash of a yellow tail near the surface. Kingifsh! Whoo hoo!!Holy Freakin c#@P!
I managed to get it close to the rocks but it was so heavy I was still struggling a bit. A bait-fisho next to me(yes you heard that right) helped bring it onto the rocks and also had a camera to take a Kodak moment before releasing.
I have been wanting to catch one of these but never would have thought I would catch one on a size 2 Clouser blind fishing an area I have never fished.
I am absolutely stoked and now looking forward to doing it again!

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