Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Waiheke -most bizarre catch

I headed out over the rocks at 8am looking forward to a good days fishing. I have a new 9 weight reddington rod and sage reel set-up so was looking forward to giving it a good workout.
The wind was a little strong and I struggled to get a touch. I did get a few follows from some 30cm kahawai and later in the morning managed to raise one. I had moved to a gut were I had caught my last big kahawai and had the most bizarre thing attach to the end of my line. A squid! I managed to get it all the way to shore before it let go as I lifted it from the water. I probably would have been able to scoop it out if I had a net. next on the most bizarre. I thought I had a big fish on the line only to see a shag come out of the water with my fly in its mouth. lucky for me it popped out.
A very slow day. I had even put some bait on the hook at one stage just to see what may have been there but it was a long time waiting and even then it was soft touches.
There are certainly plenty of reports of fish around so maybe I was there at the wrong tide/moon or something as normally I have been there on a fuller tide.

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