Monday, 1 February 2016

A tale of two woes

I was heading over to Waiheke and I had a good feeling about the day. I was keen to get myself into another Kingfish. 
I got there and realised the tide was fuller than I thought and there was no way to get to my  spot but could get down to my second but it is a bird nesting area so I had to work my way through birds squawking and dive bombing me before I could get to the water. I manage to have a go at a few kings cruising but they keep turning away at my offerings. I managed a small snapper but that was it before I moved back to my other spot. I was having trouble trying to keep a straight line as the tide was pushing it round and I'm sure I wasn't near the bottom. I had plenty of fish coming up close before turning away and only got another under size snapper at the bottom end of tide as the current slowed. 
I decided on one last go at spot number 2 but as I got there I slipped on a rock and managed to break my rod tip, smash my reel and scrape up my arm. ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Not again. Second time I have broken my rod and to crack my reel double whammy!
So now I'm contemplating going back to less dangerous rock hopping for a while before venturing out. 

I have always found snapper fishing hard during the day especially during the middle of summer so will look at a new plan 
That being either fishing a lot earlier in the morning or in the evening.  Especially when there are no swimmers etc out.

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