Sunday, 8 February 2015

Refining your new spot

After a few seasons of saltwater fishing i soon came to the realisation that to find fish in a new spot you often had to visit it numerous times and at different tides to get to know the layout and how it fishes. often i had almost given up on a new spot until i found the secret or had good success the first time and not so much after. getting consistent results means fishing it in different times of the tide as well as wind direction etc. i now have a couple of good spots that when all else fails i can fall back on.

wind plays a major part in the water quality you are fishing and i find that at low tide with an onshore wind will churn the water to a sludgy brown if you are in a muddy harbour. I have had this happen in both the waitemata harbour and the Manukau. if the water is too muddy the fish will just not see your fly.

Tide is the other major factor with low tides giving access to weed edges and channels but high tides to the guts and structure you saw when the tide was low.
I have quite often found i prefer the outgoing tide as it always seems clearer to me but this will tend to be dependent on the spot your fishing.

Recently i have been trying to find a new Manukau spot and this has proved quite difficult as its not called the big muddy for nothing. last night i tried Laingholm as i had seen some fingers of structure that went into the harbour but most of the water round it was shallow and murky. i got to the point but the channel was out of my reach.

much to say there is plenty of research and walking just to find the location let alone the tide and weather.

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