Saturday, 4 April 2015

Waiheke Re-Visited

I headed off to Waiheke again last weekend on different tide so i wasn't sure how the fishing was going to be compared to last time. The first spot i didn't spend much time in but the main point I did. At first it was quite slow but as the tide changed and started coming back in I managed two snapper with one being legal. I moved my round the ledges but came back to the first one. I switched flies to an interceptor and immediately got another 2 in quick succession then all went quiet. There were quite a few work ups going on but just out of casting reach. By one o'clock it was almost time to go but decided to head round the bend a bit. there was nothing at first but i could see the water was deeper so i put on a larger heavier fly and got a small snapper then just as i was about to finish for the day something solid came on and started screaming off. my reel has problems with start-up and usually end up in a birds nest so i kept my fingers around the line to control the drag. this worked well but i was soon in the backing and getting worried. I held on tight and managed to get in some line before it peeled off again. i reeled in again and this time got some decent amount of line back on the reel. By now I was getting confident that i had it in the bag. I saw the fish take a leap and there was no denying it was a kahawai of a decent size and when i got home and weighed it, it was 5lb.

The day was certainly a learning experience and i learnt a bit more on using heaver weights and larger sizes. i was using a size 1/0. my flies have been getting larger every year. To think my first flies i caught fish on were size 4 clousers.

I have been experimenting with the weight of the dumbells i use on my flies and I have found if i am fishing the inner harbour lighter flies with smaller dumbells work best if not just because they hit the water lighter but in open side of sea with deeper water larger dumbells to get down deep are better.

Here is a rough guide to my fly size to dumbel ratio
inner harbour. clousers in size 2 with small to med dumbells and size 1 to 1/0 interceptors with small to med dumbells
open sea with deeper water size 2 clousers with med beads and 1/0 interceptors with med to large dumbells.

having the same fly with a couple of different weights give the options for different water.

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