Thursday, 8 January 2015

Waiheke Island

I had the option of going to my usual spots or going somewhere different and since i had to pick up my son from the island i decided that's where i would head. on arriving i walked round the beach at Matiatia. as i sat on beach to construct my rod i saw a tail flapping around in the shallow that would have been snapper but by the time i got my rod together i had no idea where it was and after a dozen casts i moved off.

I headed up the walkway and at the first point i saw a pod of fish so scrambled down the rocks to fish for them thinking it was kahawai only to realise after a few casts they were mullet. next time i will take a net.

i moved round to another point and had a lot of mullet cruising past and a few kingfish but couldn't bring up any snapper. I decided to head out to the island point where there were also plenty of mullet cruising and the odd kingfish. then out of the depths a kingfish came up and smashed my fly. i managed to hold the fish in front of me and felt like i was in control before the fish went for its first blistering run. my reel went into free spin and line came out so fast it wrapped itself around the reel and the fish was gone.

I then got yaking to an Asian lad and while i was busy talking tried to take a step only there was a jagged rock right by my foot and i went arse over and scraped up my leg and hands on the rocks. I also managed to slice both my big toes so i think  i need some better shoes.

By now a ray had turned up followed by a couple of big kingfish one being well over 1 metre. I plonked a big clouser and let it sit near the surface as the kings came over and had a sniff before moving on. this happened a few times before moving on.

It was some pretty hart stopping stuff and now i am keen to get some of my gear sorted for fishing for kingfish. including a new rod and reel set and some line for my 10 weight rod. next time i go there i am king hunting.

although with the kids i dont get out much and i cant wait till they are old enough to take with me.

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