Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Waitemata Harbour snapper

One of my goals this year was to catch a snapper on the fly and well i managed to kick that goal already.

I headed out to the harbour at 7pm thinking i would get a couple of hours in before the sun went down. I could see from where i was a nice kahawai clearing the water as it chased the baitfish on the other side of a pool that try as i might i just couldn't quite get my fly to it. 

Just as the sun dipped over the hill the action started. I had just stopped stripping my little fly and was doing something then when i started stripping line in again it was “fish on”. It was of course only a little taker at 20cm but hey it was my first snapper on the fly. I then had another one on within a few minutes.

i then moved down to another area where on the third cast a nice 30cm kahawai took my fly. by now the light was really starting to fade and i had to head tail it back to the car before i got lost in the dark but it was a fun evening and i hope to do it again.

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