Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Waiheke Island

Had a weekend over at the island with some fly-fishing to boot. The first spot i tried was Kennedy Point where i did see a rat king cruise around the ledge in front of me but i feel my flies were not getting deep enough to tempt any fish. i did go for a walk round to the point to the right and saw a sting ray.


The next spot i tried was Enclosure Bay. Now here i did see quite a few kahawai cruising through and it was hart stopping stuff chucking my fly out and strip fast to get their attention but they were heading round so fast that it was very difficult trying to get your fly in the right place. I resigned to the fact that they weren't feeding and that i really needed to be there at the right time of the day. that being sunrise and sunset.


Although i didn't catch anything on the trip i did have some fun and learn a few things. certainly got to trial my new 8 weight rod which can shoot some serious line overweighed with 9 weight line.  It looks like depth is the next factor and i will be tying up some heavier flies and trailing using split shot.

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