Monday, 21 January 2013

First Legal Snapper

I have now become a believer in night time fishing. On Saturday I headed out to my favourite reef and decided to fish some of the smaller pools along the way. I cast out into the middle of the pool and started the retrieve. i stopped for 3 seconds and as i started to retrieve again boom i was into a fish. Turns out it was a nice 31cm snapper. I managed to get another 3 like this until i hit my usual spot at the end where right on 9pm i came up against something solid. it slowly drew line until it was on the opposite side of the causeway in the kelp and i was almost into my backing. At this stage the i let the line go slack as i was unable to budge the fish and i was starting to think that was it i was going to lose the fish but i picked the line back up off the water and put some pressure on and low and behold the fish came free. I managed to get it to shore and measured it at 39cm. This is now my personal best snapper and plan to try and beat this on my next outing. So the best fish came right on 9m when the light was disappearing and now i had to head tail it out of there.

On my way out i was getting in my car when i saw some Maori boys who had been swimming pulling their pants down and given each other brown eyes until i yelled out “nice” which sent them scrabbling and laughing down the road.

So i managed a total of 5 snapper and lost 2 others in one nights fishing. A good substitute for trout fishing when you don't have the time to get out.

My first snapper

tight lines

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