Thursday, 2 February 2017

Gulf Harbour Marine Reserve

Well it's not really a marine reserve but where else in Auckland area can you go see large quantities of rat kings and snapper that you can feed and watch their behaviour. I took the kids out to the Gulf Harbour Marina as I had heard about these fish and I was not disappointed. The fish literally fight over the morsels you throw at them and will even take it out of your hands. The kids loved it! 
Most of it is a no fishing hence why there are so many fish there but there are areas outside the Marina you can fish. 
I have been to goat island many a time before but this is something completely different. (especially since you can feed them) 

If only all our fisheries were like the Marina the fun we would have. 

There is a fishing shop along the way that you can purchase some bait. Just walk along the walkway and there are two main groups. One made mostly of snapper and the other mostly rat kings with bigger snapper mixed in. 

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