Saturday, 7 January 2017

Nuclear Fishing

I was on a recent fishing evening (I say evening as I have a limited window to fish usually being a couple of hours) and I was casting my way up a channel using the usual chartreuse clouser. I changed flies to a new fly I have had recent success with in murky water but had not tried in cleaner. Instantly I was into a fish but lost it as I couldn't keep pressure. A few casts later and I was into a nice panny that I put back. After a few more cast I was into another. It went on like this for 30-40 minutes until it was too dark to see and I had caught a total of 8 fish. The fly I put on was an adaption of the nuclear chicken soft bait with pink and chartreuse. I have had success with a pink over white fly and chartreuse over white fly but put the two together doubles the fun. 

For tying please see the previous article pea soup.

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