Thursday, 19 May 2016

Pea Soup

Recently I went back to one of my favourite spots. Unfortunately the tide was lower than I would have liked and as being near low was pretty murky. I was not feeling confident about the fishing but threw in some pilchard and had a go.
I remember reading an article by Craig Worthington called fishing in the muck where he used bright flies in murky water so I tied on a nuclear chicken Clouser. This proved to be quite successful as I managed to walk away with 6 small snapper. No keepers but certainly saved the day.  Now I need to try this colour combo on clear water and see what results I get.
I will also be experimenting with other fly types in this colour combo e.g. Interceptors, Deceivers and Half n half's. 

Nuclear chicken Clouser
Hook: Size 2-1
Dumbbell: Small on size 2 or med size 1
Wing: Pink over chart buck tail and Krystal flash

I tend to use the size 1 for the deeper water but you could go up to a 1/0 and maybe put on a large dumbbell if you need the depth.

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